Benito Zambrano

At the beginning of the 80s, Benito Zambrano started recording shortfilms. He made his début at the cinema with the film “SOLAS”, it is a movie involved in a sad tone, as realistic as lyrical, placed in Sevilla, it talks about the loneliness at the old age and the family ties with which he won several Goya Awards, between them the one for best original script, best newcoming director, best newcoming actress to Ana Fernandez, best newcomer actor to Carlos Álvarez-Nóvoa and best supporting actress to María Galiana.

During 2002 Zambrano directed the TV series “PADRE CORAJE”, broadcasted by Antena 3 with the presence of Juan Diego, a men who wants to seek justice after the murder of his son.

The ansalusian director came back to the cinema with “HABANA BLUES” (2005), story placed in Cuba starring two young musicians of La Habana who expect leaving the caribbean island looking for prosperity in Spain.

Six years later he released “LA VOZ DORMIDA” (2011), adaptation of the homonymous book of Dulce Chacón focused on the testimonials of the women who belong to republican side at postwar times.