Diego Corsini

Diego Corsini is a film and television director, producer and scriptwriter. Although he was born in Spain, he has long been based in Argentina. He graduated in Image & Sound Design from Buenos Aire University and studied Film Production at the E.N.E.R.C (I.N.C.A.A).
He has served as General Manager at Cineworld SRL, a production company he founded along with Mariana Cangas and Matías Lértora. Through this enterprise, he has worked on many film, TV and radio projects, most of which are coproduced with other Latin American companies. Last year they released Pasaje de Vida and Entre ríos, todo lo que no dijimos”. Soon they will also launch Lo que nunca dijimos, which is coproduced with Mexico.

His second film, Pasaje de Vida, in which he served as director and scriptwriter and was co produced with Hazlotu from Spain, is being released internationally at the moment, after opening in more than 50 theatres all over Argentina. Soon it will also be released in Spain and around the world. In 2011 Solos en la ciudad, his opera prima as a director, was launched. It was acclaimed by audience and critics alike.

His third film, a Chilean-Argentinian coproduction titled Artax, is currently on postproduction, starring Celeste Cid, Gonzalo Valenzuela and Mercedes Moran. During his prolific career, he was founder of Sudestada Cine, a company which produced many of his films, such as Dias de vinilo, El paramo, Choele, La tigra, Chaco, Los santos sucios and Juntos para siempre. He worked as a coordinator in the Contents Production Area at the Film Investigation & Production Center, from the Culture Board of the Argentinian Nation. During this period, more than TV documentary films were made for the Argentinian Digital Television. He has also served as director of the Film Production Center at the Architecture, Design & Urbanism School in Buenos Aires University. Furthermore, he has been a jury member and counselor for production, direction and script writing in both nationally and internationally renowned film festivals.

For 13 years he has served as professor of the Imagen & Sound Design degree at the UBA. He is also a regular professor at Cuba International Film & TV School, an institution he represents in Argentina. His teaching experience includes ENERC, the CIEVyC from Palermo University and Eliseo Subiela School. Besides, he organises workshops and masterclasses on a regular basis.