Filippo Tabbi

“POVERI MA RICCHISSIMI”. Secondary Role. Dir. Fausto Brizzi and Produced by WILSIDE. 2017.

“C’ERA UNA VOLTA STUDIO 1”. Character: Paolo. RAI Production. 2016
“G&T”. WebSerie, character: Nicolas. 2014/2015

“DIE LUSTIGE WITWE”. Opera produced by Teatro La Fenice and directed by Damiano Michieletto in 2018.
“ITALIA UN SOGNO”. Opera produced by CitySound Milano and directed by John Pascoe in 2016.
“THE SPANISH GUITAR”. Showcase Benise with BeniseEntertainmentUSA in March 2016 in Istanbul.
“CINQUANTA LA GALLINA CANTA”. Achille Campanile produced by Hurlyburly SRL and directed by Massimo Chiesa from March to June 2014.
“YAHWEH ON BROADWAY”. Musical at Jacqueline Kennedy Theater in New York City in October 2012.

Commercial for “Grimaldi Lines” on tv and webcasts in Italy and Spain in 2018. Performing as a dancer for “La Corrida” on Rai1 in 2018.
Performing as a dancer for “L’Anno Che Verrà” on Rai1 between 2017/2018.
Performing as a dancer for “Grande Fratello VIP” on Canale 5 in 2017.
Performing as a dancer for “Tale E Quale Show” on Rai1 in 2017.
Commercial for “Kinder Freschi” on italian tv networks and web in 2017.
Commercial for “Grimaldi Lines” as the main actor on air in Italy and Spain in 2017.
Commercial for “Old Wild West” for “Italia’s Got Talent” tv show in 2017.
Performing as a dancer for “Zelig” on Mediaset TV in 2016.
Commercial for “SOSvillaggi” on Italian TV networks for Peperoncino Production in 2016.
Performing as a chorus member for ARISA on RaiProduction “ConIlCuore” in 2016.
Performing as a chorus member for ARISA on RaiProduction “MadeinSud” in 2016.
Commercial for “MINDthegum” on web networks for RuntimeProduction in 2016.
Commercial for “STAR saikebon” on Italian TV networks for MovieMagicProduction in 2016.
Commercial for “Ballando Con Le Stelle” on Italian TV networks for RAIproduction in 2016.
Commercial for “Fernet Branca” on web for Nessuno.Production in 2015.
Commercial for “IKEA” on web in 2015.
Commercial for “Gardaland Oblivion” on Italian TV networks for Film Good Entertainment in 2015.

Fashion convention for “SLOGGI and TRIUMPH” as a dancer at Milano Fashion week 17/18.
Diversity Media Awards event dancing for Malika Ayane in May 2016.
TimMusicOnStage Awards event dancing for Malika Ayane in March 2016.
Dancing for “GIVENCHY” fashion party during Milan Fashion Week in 2015.
BN1 show for 2up project in Rimini PalaCongressi in 2015.
T Cell Cancer Association as a dancer in a world flashmob in Milano April 2015.

European contest “Waack Date” in London in 2013.
International contest “Streetstar” in Stockholm in 2013.
International Contest “Step Ya Game Up” in New York in 2012.
National contest “I’ve got my heels, I’ve got my skillz” in Rome in 2012.
International contest “Streetstar” in Stockholm in 2012.
“Expression”, international dance competition in Florence in 2008, in 2009 and 2010.

Swimwear campaign for “Yes I Am” as a Model in 2017.
T-shirt campaign for “LANUVELVAG” as a model in 2017
Furniture campaign for “NOVAMOBILI” at Fuori Salone Milano 2015.

Attending an acting professional course based on scene’s work in Michael Rodgers Studio (2015-2017).
Attending an academic course of street and contemporary dance in Accademia Módulo Factory (2014-2015).
Studying in a professional course of acting called “attori per mestiere” with the supervision of Eleonora d’Urso and Massimo Chiesa in TKC Teatro Della Gioventu’(2013-2014).
Attended an academic acting course in Quinta Praticabile (2007 – 2013).
Studied singing under the supervision of Danila Satragno. Artistic Education Center From Luca Bizzarri and Valeriano Longoni (2007 – 2011).
Attended dance courses including modern, ballet, hip hop, house and contemporary in Naima Academy (2007 – 2011).
Furthered dance experience focusing on modern jazz, classical, hip hop, house, waacking, acrobatic and contemporary. Also attended singing lessons in Artis Academy (2004 – 2013).
Commenced dance classes at “Image Dance” specializing in Ballet, hip hop, modern jazz, acrobatic and caraibic. Also attended acting and singing classes (2000 – 2006).

“L’attore: atleta del cuore” workshop with the supervision of the CSC teacher Mirella Bordoni in March 2016.
“Working on script” workshop with the acting coach Michael Rodgers.
“La nuova commedia italiana nel segno della tradizione” intensive with the casting director Marita D’Elia.
“L’arte della parola” an intensive workshop with the casting director Roberto Graziosi in February 2014.
Intensive stage for theater with the actress Lina Bernardi in January 2013.
“Acting for Film” intensive at the New York Film Academy in New York in the summer of 2012.

Workshop by Samara Cohen alias P. Loockero in Waacking in January 2014.
Two workshops directed by Blake Mcgrath in Street Jazz and Television Dance in July 2013.
Workshop directed by Archie, Leyomi, Waackeisha, Dashoun and Xavier Ninja at the event “StreetStar 2013”.
Two internships Waacking directed by Waackeisha at the event “I’ve got my heels, I’ve got my skillz”.
Workshop of Waacking directed by Dallace Ziegler at the event “Streetstar” in Stockholm in 2012.
Workshop of Waacking directed by Eva Schou at the “Artis Academy” in Genoa in October 2011.
– Mauro Astolfi, choreographer of modern dance.
– Garrison, choreographer of modern dance.
– Jean Etienne Marie, hip hop dance choreographer.
– Anna Rita Larghi, choreographer of contemporary dance.
– Archie Burnett, NYC choreographer and dancer of waacking and Voguein.
– Barbara B. Fujiko, choreographer and dancer of waacking and Voguein.
– Federica Loredan, choreographer and dancer of house, waacking, hipe and new style.
– Steve La Chance, choreographer of modern and contemporary dance.
– Guido Marni, choreographer of classical ballet.
– Silvio Oddi, choreographer of contemporary dance.
– Sonia Usurini, choreographer of modern jazz dance.
– Matteo Addino, choreographer of modern dance television.
– Damien Bisozzi, choreographer for Musical play.
– Dominique Lesdema, choreographer Hip Hop and New Style.
– Willy Ninja, choreographer, dance Voguein.
– Benny Ninja, choreographer, dance Voguein.
– Bill Goodson, choreographer of Television Show.
– Princess Lockeroo, choreographer and dancer of Waacking.

Commercial Dance
Dance (general)
Dramatic baritone
Freestyle Dance
Freestyle Disco
Hip Hop Dance
Polish Folk Dancing
Singing (general)
Street Dance
Vogue Dance
Waacking Dance

Musical Theatre
Physical Comedy
Physical Theatre
Professional Dancer
Public Speaking
Radio Presenting
Voice Acting

Ice Skating