Hilario Abad

Hilario Abad was born in 1991 in Cadiz (Spain). He started directing his first audiovisual productions during his teens. In 2011 he debuted premiering the short film ‘Caniville’, a humoristic overview with a neorealist taste of the so called ‘chavs’. The short film obtained good reviews and comercial success and received several awards.

In 2012, he started the production of the feature documentary ‘Preparation Day’, which gives a look about Holy Week in Seville under a personal approach. Also in 2012, he shot ‘I guess this must be the way’ under the 48 Hour Film Festival in Seville, winning the Audience Award as well as other minor awards. As a result of a nomination of this short, he was allowed to join a filmmaking workshop taught by Alberto Rodríguez (Marshland, Grupo 7).

In 2013 he received the Best Director RTVA Award under the XVI Gala Comunicaión en Corto of the University of Seville for the acaemic versión of the short film ‘In shadows mistake you’. Later on, he released the final version of the film which is currently on festivals circuits and has already won new awards.
In summer 2014 he premiered the opera show ‘Destino Verdi’ in Jerez de la Frontera. A production based on the interaction between the singers and audiovisual projections.

In 2014 too he edited the feature film ‘Ouroboros’ directed by the andalusians Carlos Rivero and Alonso Valbuena, with an original soundtrack composed by Mihály Vig (The Turin Horse Werckmeister harmóniak). The film was premiered under the XI Seville European Film Festival and obtained 2 nominations to the ASECAN 2015 Awards.

Currently, he is inmersed in the post production of ‘Preparation Day’ whilst he produces a web series based on his short film ‘Caniville’. Also, he’s working on a feature film screenplay set in Sanlucar de Barrameda (Andalusia).