Ignasi Vidal

Playwright, director, actor and musician. Ignasi Vidal started his career at a very young age with his rock band, called A Media Distancia, until his acting lessons with master Carlos Lasarte led him to the wold of theatre, where he was raised – his father, Ignacio Vidal, was an important theatre entrepeneur. He would work both in film and television projects, but it would be in the theatre (more precisely, musical theatre) where he would develop most of his career. Les Miserables, Rent, Jesucristo Superstar, Spamalot or Beauty and the Beast are some of the shows he has acted in. He is a founding member of the production company Teatral Excéntrica Producciones, along with Isabel Vázquez and Gregor Acuña. Currently, he dedicates his full time to his passion, dramaturgy – writing not to please the people but to please himsel. His writing is led by his curiosities – allowing his characters to have their own speech, the same way it happens in real life.

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