Juan Miguel del Castillo

He studied Filmmaking at the Center for film studies in Catalonia (2000) and Superior Image Technician in La Granja, Jerez (1999)

Editing, screenplay and direction in the film ‘Techo y Comida’ (30 awards) the most outstanding Goya award 2016 best actress to Natalia de Molina and two nominations, best new director and best original song. Silver Biznaga of audience award, Silver Biznaga Best Actress Natalia de Molina and Asecan Opera Prima of 18th Festival of Málaga of spanish cinema 2015. Best screenplay and best new director in Asecan award of andalusian cinema 2016.

Screenwriter and director of a dozen short films receiving more than 40 awards at various film festivals. Standing out in 2005 for the screenplay and direction rolled 35mm short film “ROSARIO” (15 awards) starring by Asuncion Balaguer and produced by Quimelca.

Juan Miguel del Castillo has also worked as director and producer of the television serie “Curso Dandalú” (13 chapters) in Canal Sur TV. Editor of TV programs on Canal Sur TV. “Taxi” and “La respuesta está en la historia.” And tv series “Brigada de Fenómenos”

Editor and director of videoclips with Smilling Bulldogs, Niño Libre, Ecofolk, Los Monos del Mayhem, Abocajarro, Strip, Los Inestables, Ipsofacto (2001/2015).

He is currently writing the script for his second fiction film.



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