Nacho Álvarez

A Spanish-Uruguayan director, graduated in Social Communication, specialized in audio-visuals and deeply attracted by aesthetics, movement and the contemporary. He has his own style as well as a versatile point of view, providing with his director’s look at the key moments and giving great trust to his team, although always caring for the details and searching for an outstanding final product. Nacho is seen by his colleagues as a team player as well as a leader.

His good taste in photography, which he started to practice during his teen years with his Zenit camera, can be appreciated in all of his works. The light, the dynamism, the conceptual and the emotions, which are aspects featured in his photography, are firmly portrayed in his films. With large experience as a commercial, fashion film and music video director, Nacho has been given several awards – both Latin American and international. Interested in art and History, specially about the places he is from, Nacho takes these disciplines to his camera, which results in aesthetically exquisite takes.

His double nationality (Spanish-Uruguayan) has shaped his directing style, allowing him to develop aspects which are unlikely to be seen together. Latin America has given him his film background: noise, vibrancy, flexibility and creative emergency when resources are lacking. His history with Spain and his experience with international shootings (NYC, LA, Paris, Madrid, Moscow) have granted him bigger budget projects and multicultural teams. His versatile background also allows him to easily adapt to very different contexts.

His family has also influenced his professional life as well as his profile. His father, Luciano Álvarez, is a documentalist and audio-visual professor in Uruguay. His brother, Fede Álvarez, is a renowned director and screenwriter in the US – thus forming a family very fond to the audio-visual world.