Olga Iglesias

She moved to Madrid at 90s, from Plasencia (Cáceres), to start her studies at Publicity and Public Relationships at Complutense University. Meanwhile, she combined writing with creative works at different publicy agencies.

In 2007 she creates with Sonia Sebastian the first spanish lesbian web serie called “Chica Busca Chica”, which collected awards and millions of fans around the world. In 2009 she wrote with David Serrano (also director) the script of the film “Una Hora más en Canarias”, starring by Juana Acosta and Angie Cepeda.

In 2017 and 2018 it is presented the theatre adaptation of the movie “Dos más Dos”, at La Latina Theatre (directed by David Serrano).

Some time later, she wrote the theatre monologue “Taitantos”, starring by Nuria González and directed by Coté Soler. It was played at the Lara Theatre, Cofidis Theatre, Bellas Artes and many others around Spain. It was also played at the Ocho Theatre at Miami, with Paulina Gálvez as the main carácter and directed by Leandro Fernández. In 2017 it arrived at Buenos Aires, starring by the famous argentine actress Flavia Palmiero.

In 2008 took place the premiere of “Enamorados Anónimos”, a contemporary copla musical based on one of her tales and directed by Blanca Li.

During next years, she wrote and directed some independent theatre plays and micro theatre and in 2013 she produced with Susana P. Bermejo the cultural project “Teatro Efímero”, and she released “Tú no princesa” at the Beauty Salon and Hairdresser Garret. The play was co-directed with Chos and starring by Ana del Rey, Jaime Zataraín and Juliana Sesmero. Due to the good reaction of the audience and means, it was re-release in a second season. In 2014 she wrote and directed for Microteatro “Belén y Jaime” in Teatro La Latina premiered and the next year she writes the show of several micro-montages for the Teatro Afil with the play “Futuro 10.0”.

She participated in the script with Leticia Dolera of the webserie “Bloguera en consctucción” for Grazzia Magazine (Ufo Long Boards 2012) and she has also worked in advertising for brands such as Cruz Roja, Mahou, Mitshubishi, Pascual, Tuenti, Banco Santander, Unidental, Wella and she teaches courses of script and creativity.

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