Patrik Karlson

“ENEMY LINES: PROJECT FIREBIRD”. Dir: Anders Banke. 2019.
“CASE STUDY”. Role of Cornelius. Dir. Andreas Lindergard. 2018.
“ZOO”. Role of Robert. Dir: Antonio Tublén. 2017.
“THE MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE”. Role of Client Rep. Dir: Terry Gilliam. 2017.
“ROBIN”. Role of Robert Nord. Dir: Antonio Tublén. 2017.
“OPERATION RAGNARÖK”. Role of Hellner. Dir: Friedrik Hiller. 2017.
“GARDEN LANE”. Role of Mattias. Dir: Olof Spaak. 2017.
“FEED THE LIGHT”. Role of VHS-Mannen. Dir: Henrik Möller. 2014.
“THE HUNDRED YEAR OLD”. Role of Sigvard Eklund. Dir: Felix Herngren. 2013.
“LFO”. Role of Robert Nord. Dir: Antonio Tublén. 2013.
“DEAR ALICE”. Role of Police Officer. Dir: Othman Karim. 2010.

“DELHI’S MOST BEAUTIFUL HANDS”. Role of Kent Hallgren. Dir: Hannes Holm. 2017.
“THE BRIDGE”. Role of Robert Nord. Dir: Antonio Tublén. 2011.
“WALLANDER – INDRIVAREN”. Role of Knubbis. Dir: Kathrine Windfeld. 2010.
“WALLANDER – THE FIFTH WOMAN”. Role of Max Lunngvist. Dir: Aisling Walsh.

Swedish, south Swedish and national Swedish (native).
English, British and American accent (bilingual).
Spanish (basic).
Juggling with three balls.
Guitar (basic)