Santiago Pumarola

Born in Barcelona, he makes contact with TV at an early age as host of several cinema sections at different shows until he comes to have his own show: “DE PELÍCULA”, with which he gets audience and recognition.

He studies acting and participates with different and outstanding roles in soaps, series and films.

He inspires passion in film direction and works as assistant in some films. At the same time, he writes for TV.

He has developed his work at Los ÁNGELES, New York, Puerto Rico and Spain. He has directed spots, series and soaps. Among many others are detailed: “AMAR EN TIEMPOS REVUELTOS”, “ARRAYÁN”,”HERMANOS Y DETECTIVES” or “QUART”.

With “MI DÍA DE SUERTE”, his first film written, produced and directed by him, he has taken part with success in different film festivals, among it is important to mention the ones of La Habana, Chicago and Sao Paolo, having got the Special Jury Award of Cinema of Trieste, Italy.

Right now he is developing several TV projects meanwhile he is getting ready for his new film that will be produced and directed by him, It will be filmed during the 2017 spring.

BENIDORM MON AMOUR, his last film released, a comedy road movie directed and co-wrote by him.